DISC Personality Test

Before I took this test, I already had an idea of what my result would be and I was right. This was not knew knowledge for me. I knew I had a dominant personality. I am a very direct and straightforward person. As soon as I do something I want to see immediate results. I am not a very patient person, which is something I am working on everyday. I like to face new challenges and test myself to see what I can do.

Honestly, it wouldn’t change the way I would lead. I was a charge nurse in the ED for a couple years. It was a great experience. I learned something new and I challenged myself. I knew I was good at my job because the nurses and techs that worked with me always told me I was one of their favorite charge nurses to work with because I was easy to talk to, understanding, helped out when I could and was trustworthy. One night a new nurse gave the wrong medication to a patient, she came to me and told me what happened. It didn’t harm the patient, but we sat and talked about what happened and how it could have been avoided. We then went and spoke with the Dr. and the patient. Afterwards, the nurse came to me again and thanked me for helping her and being understanding. She had explained to me how happy she was it was me that was charging that night and not another charge nurse.

One thing I will do with this knowledge is, I will understand more that my personality does have issues with being a patient person and like I said before that is something I know I have to continually strive for day to day.


A dominant person generally is a direct, positive and straightforward person. He likes to be in charge, do things fast and wants immediate results for his efforts. He is a determined, independent person who likes to solve problems and face challenges.

People who belong to this category are probably the sales superstars and the kind of strong, entrepreneurial leaders. They are people you want to have around in your organization. They are very results oriented and you can expect to see things getting done efficiently. However, they have very low patience and you must continually engage them to keep them in the organization.

They will stay with you to the extent that they feel that following you helps them to achieve their personal goals for their life. Also, they might be cause for some conflicts between people because they’re more task oriented and they would probably step on some toes along the way. Be careful about putting two Ds in the same team, conflict will always arise from two strong-headed individuals.


Hi, my name is Amber Baird. I have been a Nurse for the past 6 years and have only worked in the ED. It’s all I know and my only passion in nursing. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I am constantly learning new things and there is never a dull moment. Some shifts are harder than others but what you see and hear in the ED, lets be honest, you just can’t make this stuff up. I have decided to go on and finish my bachelors due to missing out on opportunities at work due to not having it. For example, I wanted to be over our trauma and disaster programs but could not apply for it because I didn’t have my BSN. I also missed out on being able to interview for our assistant manager position for not having it. This will be an interesting ride going back to school due to being married, having 4 little kids, working full time and going to school full time. The purpose of this reflective journal is to remind myself of the most important things I will learn through this program. I will be able to look back and remind myself what I am working towards and remind my self what it takes to be a good leader in the nursing world.